About Us

Company Focus: Redefining Intervention and Improving Healthcare for Millions Globally

Sanovas is redefining intervention with access, imaging, measurement technologies, auto-pathology recognition (AI) and telehealth that enables physicians to perform MORE interventional procedures, in MORE places, MORE affordably. The company is dedicated to developing the full continuum of best-in-class minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and solutions that are affordable, accessible, and safe across multiple procedures for many medical specialties.

The company’s mission is to rapidly improve global healthcare access for millions in the world as well as in the U.S., who are currently underserved. Advanced minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will be available to millions of healthcare facilities, large and small.

  • Allowing fast transmission of imaging that is portable, versatile, and more affordable to hospitals and healthcare facilities globally.   
  • Enabling AI-assisted diagnostic imaging and information transmitted from a mobile device to a Specialist for review.
  • Enabling safe, reliable working access in small and previously inaccessible anatomic spaces. 
  • Providing advanced local diagnostic and therapeutic interventions throughout the body
  • Leveraging core platform micro technologies across multiple medical specialties

In summary, Sanovas is a company solving big healthcare market access, safety, quality, and cost problems while growing the minimally invasive interventions market. Working with physicians and hospital executives and other healthcare specialists, Sanovas is leading the way in making minimally invasive interventions more accessible, affordable, and safe around the world. 

Taking AIM At Making Interventions More Accessible, Affordable, and Safe

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), the ability to perform medical interventions through small “keyholes” versus large, open incisions, has flourished over the past 20 years. Now, however, the necessity to go farther and do more has created the opportunity for innovation and technology to redefine MIS and to make what is now possible accessible, affordable, and safe for more people.

Sanovas’ core micro technology platform provides:

  • Access Sanovas’ next-generation minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic devices, access and measure remote, small diameter, and challenging anatomies that were previously inaccessible.
  • Imaging High definition imaging visualizes anatomies in new, innovative ways, inside the body with devices that may be either inside or outside the body. Pathology recognition through artificial intelligence as well as Specialist review may be transmitted rapidly from mobile devices from one healthcare provider to another. Opportunities for physicians to provide telemedicine are being incorporated into the systems and platforms under development.
  • Measurement Enabling physicians with the physiologic intelligence of the anatomy and related pathology to understand and control the procedural environment in small anatomic spaces
  • Diagnostics It is estimated that tens of millions of healthcare providers, globally, will be able to affordably offer diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to their communities because of Sanovas’ platform of integrated technologies. Physicians will be able to safely perform advanced, multi-instrument, and multi-modal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in previously inaccessible anatomies
  • Therapeutics Local therapies may be provided in challenging anatomies to reduce toxicity and risks associated with conventional surgery or generalized chemical therapies.

MicroCam™ imaging technology is expected to reduce endoscopy costs by up to 80% and eliminate as much as 90% of the associated capital equipment requirements for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Sanovas’ affordable imaging cameras, scopes, and other devices may be the first of their kind that an underdeveloped country can afford, allowing diagnosis and treatments that were not previously available.   

Meeting One Challenge Led To A World Of Solutions

Sanovas Inc. was founded with the humanitarian inspiration to treat and cure lung cancer and related pulmonary diseases.  Diagnostic and surgical procedures on the lungs have been difficult and complex for physicians as they are recognized as the last frontier in interventional medicine.  

Small, tight spaces of the airways are constantly moving in and out.  Unlike heart surgery, airflow (respiration) cannot be turned off or rerouted during a surgical procedure.  

The technology that needed to be developed for this most difficult challenge has led Sanovas to develop improvements in an entire range of core microtechnologies for medical specialties.  

Core Micro Technologies

The Sanovas product portfolio is built on a platform of core micro technologies. These access, imaging, measurement, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies have application across multiple products and medical specialties. The Sanovas core micro technologies contribute to making advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions accessible, affordable, and safe in small anatomic spaces. These core micro technology platforms are:

  • ViaTM Working Channels
  • VasZeppelinTM Smart Catheters
  • MicroCamTM Imaging Technologies
  • StablePathTM Catheter Anchoring Technology
  • PhysioSenseTM Physiologic Measurement Systems
  • CytoVasTM Tissue Collection Technology
  • NanoVasTM Local Therapy Delivery Systems



Business Units

Sanovas' commercial business is segmented into business units that leverage cost-effective delivery of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions enabled by our core micro technology platforms. Each business unit focuses on a specific target audience. These current business units are

  • Imaging Technologies: Excellent in-situ visualization for unprecedented access to small anatomic spaces, dramatic endoscopy-related cost reductions, and imaging in the non-visible spectrum to enable advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.
  • Interventional Lung: Minimally invasive, localized advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for a range of lung pathologies.
  • Interventional ENT: Minimally invasive, localized, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for a range of head and neck pathologies.
  • Interventional Uro & Gyn: Minimally invasive, localized, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for a range of urologic and gynecologic pathologies.


Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company. These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.