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Continuous progress in medical technology has allowed doctors to diagnose better, intervene early and save lives. Early intervention and treatment not only save lives but ultimately lower related health care costs. Medical interventions, the ability to access the body without surgery to diagnose and treat, have flourished in the past few decades. Now, however, opportunity and necessity have combined to redefine what is possible through interventions and to make what is possible accessible, affordable, and safe for more people. 


Sanovas’ access, imaging, and measurement technologies enable physicians to safely perform advanced, multi-instrument and multi-modal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in previously inaccessible anatomies. These procedures will make localized, interventional treatments for lung cancer and other serious diseases available to millions of people, globally – reducing the need for open surgeries and cancer treatments that create systemic toxicity and side effects. It is estimated that millions more healthcare providers across the globe will be able to offer their communities diagnostic and therapeutic interventions at a reasonable cost because of


Sanovas’ platform of micro technologies that are both affordable and portable. Sanovas, Inc. is a Life Science company that is developing the next generation of minimally invasive surgical tools and cancer treatment technologies. One spectacular example of the company’s innovation is their MicroCam™ Imaging Technology. These handheld ‘Plug-N-Play’ surgical cameras reduce the size of current cart based endoscopy systems by as much as 90% and reduce their costs of acquisition by up to 80% for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.


The company was incepted with a singular pursuit to innovate small diameter ‘Smart’ technologies that could deliver drugs and immune therapies to the periphery of the Lung to cure Lung Cancer. The course of their development forced Sanovas to overcome the many procedural risks and technological limitations required to navigate the small airways of the lungs. By successfully meeting those challenges the company has developed a portfolio of products and generated over 100 patents. These product lines are so small and so advanced that they have been found of use in advancing intervention in other areas of the body. Recognizing this opportunity, multiple subsidiary companies have been created by the company to address the unmet clinical needs in these other surgical sectors.


Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company. These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.