Core Micro Technologies

Sanovas Product Portfolio

The Sanovas product portfolio is built on a platform of core micro technologies. These access, imaging, measurement, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies have application across multiple products and medical specialties. The Sanovas core micro technologies contribute to making advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions accessible, affordable, and safe in small anatomic spaces. These core micro technology platforms are:

Via™ Working Channels

The Via™ Working Channel platform is a significant breakthrough for physicians that want to perform advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in previously inaccessible anatomies. Via™ creates large working channels for interventional procedures and enables first-time, multi-instrument access to previously inaccessible microanatomies in the lungs, head, and neck.

Via™ Working Channel Technology Advantages

  • Proprietary catheter design and engineering amplifies the working channels with 2X the diameter of a conventional
    catheter without increasing the outer diameter.
  • Telescoping design safely enables delivery of multiple micro-instruments matched to specific anatomies.

VasZeppelin™ Smart Catheters

The VasZeppelin™ Smart Catheter platform's advanced, multi-modal design and proprietary material enables localized execution of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

VasZeppelin™ Smart Catheter Technology Advantages

  • Advanced design and material enable physicians to define and control a localized area for tissue biopsies or advanced therapy delivery.
  • Multi-modal diagnostic and therapeutic interventions such as cytology, tissue biopsy, dilatation,
    hemostasis, energy therapies, and drug delivery are enabled through VasZeppelin™
    Smart Catheter technology.
  • Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions can be performed in a single procedure.

MicroCam™ Imaging

MicroCam™ Imaging is Sanovas' unique visualization and imaging technology platform. Proprietary MicroCam™ Imaging sensor-based technology dramatically reduces instrument size and production costs.

Because of these characteristics, MicroCam™ Imaging has the ability to miniaturize, simplify, and dramatically reduce the cost of endoscopy scopes and other direct visualization devices (bronchoscopes, arthroscopes, cystoscopes, sinuscopes, laryngoscopes, etc.). It also has the ability to deliver embedded visualization in other micro-instruments.

MicroCam™ Imaging Technologies also provide direct and indirect imaging capabilities for procedure navigation, therapy activation, diagnosis of tissue and structures. Like the visualization product applications, MicroCam significantly reduces acquisition and utilization costs for direct and indirect imaging in healthcare facilities.

MicroCam™ Imaging Advantages

  • MicroCam™ Imaging plug-and-play technology eliminates the expense of light sources, video components, and other accessories required with conventional, cart-based endoscopy systems.
  • Reduces hospital and healthcare facility endoscopy purchasing, maintenance, and utilization costs by up to 80% compared to conventional technologies.
  • Plug-and-play technology can connect to any monitor via USB or HDMI connectors.
  • Technology is fully encapsulated in a sealed assembly for standard sterilization.
  • Imaging can be embedded in micro-instruments down to 1mm in diameter.
  • Dramatically reduces repair and replacement costs compared to conventional visualization devices.

StablePath™Catheter Anchoring Technology

Safely delivering advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions through Via™ Working Channels and VasZeppelin™ Smart Catheters, in small anatomic spaces, requires catheter stability. This allows the physician to keep one hand free to deliver multiple instruments into the working channel. StablePath™ is a proprietary anchoring technology that enables multi-modal interventions to be performed in a safe, predictable, and stable environment.

StablePath™ Catheter Anchoring Technology Advantages

  • StablePath™ Anchoring Technology prevents catheter migration during diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.
  • StablePath™ Anchoring Technology enables secure, predictable delivery of complex, multi-modal interventions in small anatomic spaces.
  • StablePath™ Anchoring Technology enables physicians to have one hand free to delivery multiple instruments.

PhysioSense™ Physiologic Measurement Systems

Understanding the environment, especially in small, sensitive, and sometimes compromised anatomic spaces is important. PhysioSense™ Physiologic Measurement technology can be used to improve safety and predictability in a wide range of vascular and tubular anatomies.

PhysioSense™ Physiologic Measurement Systems Advantages

  • Provides dynamic biofeedback in vascular and tubular anatomies.
  • Understand the pre-procedure stability of the diagnostic or treatment environment.
  • Understand intra-procedure changes in vascular or tubular anatomies.

CytoVas™Tissue Collection Technology

Tissue collection for diagnostics, especially in small and compromised environments, requires a high level of precision and safety. CytoVas™ Tissue Collection Technology combines a proprietary material with unique design features from our VasZeppelin™ Smart Catheters to provide physicians with a high level of predictability and precision when collecting samples in vascular and tubular anatomies.

CytoVas™ Tissue Collection Technology Advantages

  • Provides the unique ability to collect tissue samples in vascular and tubular anatomies.
  • Gentle on compromised anatomic structures.
  • Highly precise in removing targeted tissue.

NanoVas™ Local Therapy Delivery Systems

Local delivery of pharmacologics in vascular and tubular anatomies opens the door for millions of people to be treated safely without open surgery and without systemic toxicity. NanoVas™ Local Therapy Delivery Systems combine elements of the micro-anatomy access, working channel stability, and the ability to isolate a small area for treatment delivery from other Sanovas platform technologies. These systems enable safe delivery of complex, localized interventional therapies across a range of specialties.

NanoVas™ Local Therapy Delivery Systems Advantages

  • Provides the unique ability to deliver localized therapy in vascular and tubular anatomies.
  • Will reduce or eliminates systemic toxicity associated with current cancer treatments.
  • Provides precise therapy delivery and minimizes collateral damage to surrounding tissue.
Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company. These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.