U.S. Patent Number: US20120095292A1


Title:Anchored Guidewire


Status: Pending


Inventors: Lawrence J. Gerrans, Erhan H. Gunday  


Abstract: An anchored guide wire is described including at least one expansion apparatus having an outer surface for contacting surrounding tissue, an elongated guide wire with at least one lumen for supplying fluid to the expansion apparatus, and a pump that supplies fluid to the lumen to inflate the expansion apparatus, wherein the outer surface of the expansion apparatus has a textured surface for preventing slippage on surrounding tissue. A method of securing a guide wire in a bodily cavity is also described including inserting an elongated guide wire with an expansion apparatus having a textured outer surface and a lumen for supplying fluid to the expansion apparatus, into the bodily cavity, supplying fluid to the lumen with a pump until the expansion apparatus is inflated, moving a medical device along the elongated guide wire, deflating the expansion apparatus, and withdrawing the guide wire from the bodily cavity.


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