U.S. Patent Number: US20140275778A1


Title: Imaging Stylet for Intubation


Status: Granted


Inventors: Lawrence J. Gerrans, Erhan H. Gunday, Alex Hsia


Abstract: An imaging stylet is provided, including a deformable outer housing having a proximal end and a distal end with a longitudinal axis, and an opening provided at the distal end, an imaging device disposed at the distal end of the outer housing, a deformable support member disposed in the outer housing, and an actuator disposed in the outer housing and coupled to the imaging device. The imaging device is movable by the actuator from an inactivated position, in which the imaging device is substantially aligned with the longitudinal axis of the distal end, to an activated position, in which the imaging device extends out of the opening at an angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the distal end.


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