About Us

Sano: Latin (V) - To Heal  +  Vas: Latin (N) - Vessel  = To Heal Vessels

If you can’t Breathe….nothing else matters – 

Amican Lung Association

The “One Millimeter Man” 

Sanovas Founders

  • Recognized lack of interventional capability & technology in Pulmonary Science

  • Inspired to develop interventional tools and methods to treat the Lungs & Cancer

  • Both were on the Ground Floor at the inception of Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Both have contributed to major advances in Minimally Invasive Therapies

  • Both are focused on the miniaturization of Minimally Invasive Technologies

Why Lung Cancer?

  • Deadliest of all Cancers

  • 85% of patients die within 5 years!

  • 18 People will die within the hour!

  • Treatments limited by: lack of technology and interventional risk

Founders Challenge:

  • Personal loss: both have lost family and friends to Lung Cancer

  • Make a Humanitarian contribution to advance medical science

  • Passion to advance the miniaturization of technology to create new curative therapies

The Founders concept of miniaturization is rooted in the mental image of making ourselves 1 millimeter tall and venturing into the anatomy. At that size, we are able to better assess the operative environment and engineer precision tools and methods required to do the job right!


Our vision is to provide Surgeons an intuitive command of their operating environment through: Advanced Micro Imaging, Physiologic Metrics, Proprietary Resection, Drug Therapy, Fluid Management, and Biopsy Forceps.


Our mission is to develop Best-In-Class technologies designed to treat the obstructive pathologies in   the airways in becoming the market catalyst in the Pulmonary Science.


Interventional Pulmonary Science will follow the same evolutionary path as Interventional Cardiology and Minimally Invasive Surgery; employing advanced product technologies that involve the complex interaction of a system of intelligent components working together to improve surgeon performance and patient outcomes.


  • A Revolutionary ‘First to Market’ Smart Catheter™ Technology.

  • The only 360° Non Thermal Re-Cannulization Technology available!

  • Can be performed via Rigid or Flexible

  • Bronchoscopy Procedure can be done with pure oxygen – no mixed gases; improved O2 SAT Controlled operative environment.

  • Reduced patient distress.

  • No flash hazard;

  • No thermal necrosis

  • Resected tissue isolated to the operative area

  • Physiologic Metrics reduce likelihood of patient injury, complications

  • Controls: Hypoxia; Postobstructive Pneumonia; Atelectasis; Hemoptysis Homeostasis with Balloon Tamponade Complete Bronchus & Segmental Bronchi desobstruction Submucosal & submural tumor resection


  • Cardio & Neuro Vascular – Atherectomy, Vessel Harvest, Carotid Endarterectomy

  • Ear, Nose, Throat – Chronic Sinusitis, Tracheal Dilation, Gastro Esophageal Reflux

  • Gastro-Enterology – Pancreatic Cancer; Biliary Duct, Stomach & Colon Cancer

  • Gynecology – Cervical Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Drug Delivery

  • Urology – Prostate Cancer; Bladder Cancer; Kidney Cancer

As an early market catalyst with a safe, reproducible, non-thermal treatment intervention system and method we believe we are best positioned to capitalize on the unmet needs of this significant market opportunity. Here’s why:

Patient Demand - Too many patients are being palliatively medicated and sent to hospice to die. Patients who, if treated early & often, could endure & thrive.

Captured Market – 90% of Lung Cancer patients are currently seen for Intervention at only 10% of the facilities equipped to treat them. Regional Cancer Center doctors are overwhelmed!

Focused Solutions – Safe, precise and efficacious technique; Focused on new, innovative solutions specifically for the significant unmet needs of the pulmonary oncologist at the community level.

Advanced Science – Sanovas has pioneered new intervention tools & techniques that improve surgeons skills, command & confidence in rescuing the airway.

Emerging Opportunity – Patient demand along with the unmet need for a safe, efficacious treatment intervention at the community level will drive the growth of this significant market opportunity.

Standard of Care – Sanovas technology and technique improves the standard of care; allowing the community interventionist to rescue the airway and provide safe, efficacious treatment as competently as the pulmonary oncologist.

The technology has been in development for over four years; more than 200 cases have been performed with excellent patient outcomes.

Patients feel the effects immediately! They experience:comparatively shorter hospital stays, a significantly improved quality of life, and an increased life expectancy at a relatively low cost of treatment.