AdvaMed 2012

Via RAVI PARIKH October 9th, 2012.

I spent last Wednesday at AdvaMed 2012, the annual global medtech conference, speaking to individual entrepreneurs and country representatives. It was a nice contrast to the large-scale roundtables and panels, as it gave me a chance to see what specific companies have in the pipeline and what services they offer. This post will focus on the company representatives I spoke to, while my next post will focus on interviews with foreign country reps.

I first spoke with Larry Gerrans, CEO of Sanovas, a Sausalito, CA-based company launched in 2010. Sanovas is developing an innovative micro-surgical platform for diagnosing and treating lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. According to Larry, 96 million people have or at risk for developing pulmonary disease, most notably lung cancer. However, diagnosis often occurs when the disease has already metastasized throughout the lungs and/or body. Larry and colleagues had an idea in 2001 to advance the miniaturization of lung-based diagnostics, as the lung was a traditionally difficult area to visualize non-operatively. Utilizing the world’s smallest surgical camera, Sanovas’ technology allows surgeons to access, visualize and deliver treatments to areas of the anatomy that were previously inaccessible with lower risks of bleeding that other devices due to a non-thermal recannulation methods. In addition to the camera, Sanovas is working on technologies in both diagnostics and targeted delivery therapeutics. For example, Larry showed me an internal video of a balloon-based catheter that allows for targeted resection of lung disease. Such a procedure, among other benefits, could transform what would normally be a 1-week postoperative stay for an open lung biopsy to a 23-hour stay after an outpatient procedure.

Check out a video of Larry speaking as part of a segment on lung cancer on the TV show “Profiles with Terry Bradshaw”.